Which "Crazy Kids" Feature Rap Is Better: will.i.am's or Pitbull's?

We're going to start off this piece by saying that we LOVE Ke$ha's pump-up jam "Crazy Kids". So when the pop star announced it was going to be a single, we were a little disappointed, because we knew the lyrics were going to have to be changed to suit radio play. On top of that, it was announced that will.i.am would be rapping on a remix of the single. NOW, there's a NEW version of "Crazy Kids" on the docket, with Pitbull adding his verses to the track. We're a little confused as to why they're doing so much to Ke$ha's single, which didn't even need to be released as a single (in our humble opinion), but listen to both remixes below and choose the better one...



Personally, we're still huge fans of the original, but help us out and vote for the better "Crazy Kids" remix here:

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What are your thoughts on Ke$ha's new single? Let us know in the comments...