Which Famous Ex-Boyfriend Is Taylor Swift's New Song About? VOTE

When Taylor Swift made the big announcement of a new album and debuted her new song earlier this week, the first thing we felt was excitement. But the second thing we felt was our detective senses tingling: with a reputation for writing songs about her exes, which ex was Taylor talking about in "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"?

The song's lyrics give very little indication to who it might be about. The only personal details we get from the words are that Taylor rarely saw this ex (which doesn't narrow it down because these are all famous, busy guys), and that he had more "indie" taste in music than she does. THAT COULD BE ANYONE! Let's take a look at the facts:

Jake Gyllenhaal has dated musician Jenny Lewis of the indie band Rilo Kiley so we bet she got him into some pretty underground music

Taylor Lautner seems like a bit of a jock, we can't see his music taste being cooler than Taylor's (no offence, dude!)

- Joe Jonas is a pop musician so we're betting he keeps his music taste pretty mainstream. Plus he just went on a radio show to say the song isn't about him.

- John Mayer has become a pretty serious musician throughout his career so we wouldn't be surprised if he listens to lots of independent artists.


Who did you vote for? Tell us why in the comments!