Wilco Shows Off Poetic Lyrics at Live On Letterman

Photo: liquene/flickr

Wilco deserves some props. I mean, they pretty much invented a whole new genre: alternative country. Even more, their 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot scored a rare 10 on the prestigious music website, Pitchfork, and their follow-up, A Ghost Is Born snagged two Grammy's. 

But for some reason despite all their critical acclaim, Wilco have managed to find a shady spot in the musical limelight. But take a peek at any of their lyrics and you'll see that songwriter/frontman, Jeff Tweedy, has the ability to find beauty in the everyday experiences we sometimes don't notice:

1. Heavy Metal Drummer

Unlock my body and move myself to dance / Moving warm liquid, flowing blowing glass / Classical music blasting / Masks the ringing in my ears

2. Misunderstood

You're back in your old neighborhood / Cigarettes taste so good / But you're so misunderstood / So misunderstood

And the most popular Wilco lyrics on our site...

3. You and I

You and I, we might be strangers / However close we get sometimes / It's like we never met / But you and I, I think we can take it

It's not hard to spot out the intelligence and thoughtfulness in Wilco's lyrics, so we're super glad that Live On Letterman showcased these alt-country rockers so they could spread their poetic words even further! Watch their full performance down below:

Wilco's new album, The Whole Love, is in stores now.