Will.i.am Teams Up With NASA And Curiosity To Beam His New Song From Mars

Will.i.am has just done what no musician has done before: he premiered his new single, appropriately named "Reach For The Stars," all the way from Mars. With the help of NASA, the Black Eyed Pea recently turned solo artist beamed his new single from the Curiosity rover down to Earth for students at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

According to a NASA press release, "Reach For The Stars" is "about the singer's passion for science, technology and space exploration." Here are some lyrics from the inspirational track:

"Why they say the sky is the limit / When i've seen the footprints on the moon"


"And I know that Mars might be far / But baby it ain't really that far / Let's reach for the stars"

Listen below to hear the song for yourself:

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