will.i.am vs. Katy Perry: Who's "Birthday" Song Is Better?

Vote in our poll to determine which party-ready track is best.

We can see why writing a song about your day of birth would be appealing. It's the best day of the year, so why wouldn't you want to preserve it in song to enjoy year-round? Selena Gomez has done it, as has Jeremih — albeit with a more sensual touch — but the trend seems particularly in vogue right now. Katy Perry's version is rocketing up the charts, and will.i.am (with Cody Wise) just released the music video to "It's My Birthday." Watch it here:

We wanna know: are you into the former Black Eyes Peas frontman's birthday song better, or are you feeling Katy Perry's b-day celebration track? VOTE in our poll below:

Let us know who you voted for in the comments, and if it's your special day today...Happy Birthday!!!