Willie Nelson Satisfies Country Music Needs With Remember Me, Vol 1

Willie Nelson is one of the last few country music original gangsters still active in the game. The red-headed music legend released his latest album, Remember Me, Vol 1, yesterday to much critical acclaim. A compilation album that covers 14 of the biggest Billboard hits between the years of 1946-1989, Remember Me, Vol 1 will surely not let us forget the pioneers of the country genre.

True to form, Remember Me satisfies all the thematic needs of a country album: loneliness, heartbreak, and plain old goofin' around. Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" chronicles Cash's feelings of solitude as he strolls through town on a Sunday:

And there ain't nothin' short of dyin' / Half as lonesome as the sound / Of a sleepin' city sidewalk / Sunday mornin' comin' down

And what's a country album without a song about a cheating significant other? George Jones' "Why Baby Why" does the trick:

Well, I caught you honky tonkin' with my best friend / The thing to do was leave you, but I should'a left then / Now I'm too old to leave you, but I still get sore / When you come home a feelin' for the knob on the door

And just as you're feeling all heart-achey and somber, that's when the fun starts! Nelson covers Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys' "Roly Poly", a song about a little boy who eats every minute of the day:

Roly Poly eatin' corn and taters / Hungry every minute of the day / Roly Poly knowin' all the biscuits / Long as he can chew it, it's okay

Since Willie is a revered vet to the country music genre, we couldn't think of anyone better to record such an album. I mean, he probably knew all these musicians in real life anyway...

Check Remember Me, Vol 1's full track list over at Streetdate