WIN Handwritten Lyrics From Levi Lowrey

The renowned singer-songwriter is giving away this lyric art for new single 'Picket Fences' to one lucky fan.

Levi Lowrey's songwriting comes from a place of sincerity. That trait is no more apparent than on his latest single "Picket Fences," the opening song on his recently released self-titled sophomore LP. "I have tried and I've tried, but I ain't never satisfied this hunger burnin' in my soul," sings Levi, signaling his open-book style of songwriting right off the bat.

To get to this place as a songwriter, Levi consistently pushes his personal songwriting boundaries. "I've tried to say, 'I'm going to scare myself and see what happens. Hopefully the fallout will be worth it'," says Levi in his official bio, adding after that "it usually is."

Though he has just released his sophomore LP, Levi has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in music over the past few years. He has co-writing credits on Zac Brown Band hits "Colder Weather" and "The Wind," and has played fiddle for the likes of Mumford & Sons and Kings of Leon.

Levi took the time to handwrite out the lyrics to "Picket Fences" for us here at MetroLyrics, which you can check out below. What's more: he's going to be giving away this personalized lyric art to one lucky fan! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter.

And just to prove this is the real deal, here's a shot of Levi signing the sheet himself.

To enter for a chance to win, head to this page here and fill out the form.*
*Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, March 19th.

Levi Lowrey's self-titled album is available for purchase on iTunes now.

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