"Wipe Your Eyes": A New Maroon 5 Song?

When we first heard the potential new demo "Wipe Your Eyes" from rockers Maroon 5, we're not gonna lie: we were a little confused! The high-pitched edit of the "oh na na"s at the beginning of the track almost made the song sound like it was going to be a hip-hop anthem, strangely enough. I guess we should have expected something different from the five-piece ever since the release of their monster hit "Moves Like Jagger", which took the band down a completely different road sound-wise. In fact, let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?

Maroon 5's very first single, "Harder To Breathe", was released all the way back in 2002: crazy, right? With crunching guitars, pounding drum fills, and anger-filled lyrics, it's got rock n' roll all over it. So you can see why were so confused when we first heard not only "Moves Like Jagger", but "Wipe Your Eyes" as well!

However, we kind of like the "How To Love" vibe we're getting from Maroon 5's potential new single. What do you guys think?

~ A.H.