Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Are Expecting! Lyrics To Dedicate To Their Baby-To-Be

Amber Rose

Although Beyonce did have a much more prolific baby bump reveal at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, we gotta say, we were still stoked for Wiz Khalifa and fiance Amber Rose when they revealed they were expecting at this year's VMAs! We're pretty impressed at how far along Amber is, seeing as nobody had ANY idea the diva was growing a bump! The adorable couple are clearly head over heels for one another, and we hope that their baby-to-be gets just as much love. So what better way to pay tribute to the bundle of joy than to dedicate some Wiz Khalifa lyrics to him or her?

Black And Yellow

"Reppin' my town when you see me / You know everything / Black and yellow, black and yellow / Black and yellow, black and yellow"

First things first: Wiz & Amber's future child needs to know where they came from! Since Wiz hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the area's official colors are black and yellow, so the couple's kid should learn the lyrics and be proud of their papa's hometown!

Young, Wild & Free

"We're just having fun / We don't care who sees / So what we go out / That's how its supposed to be / Living young and wild and free"

We just know that Wiz & Amber's baby-to-be is going to have a totally carefree lifestyle. Why? Well, Wiz's hit about being young, wild & free is super infectious and we're sure he'll encourage his child to live that way!

Work Hard Play Hard

"The quicker you're here / The faster you go / That's why, where I come from, the only thing we know is / Work hard, play hard"

These lyrics are probably the most heartfelt for Wiz & Amber's kin: in life, it's all about working hard to get where you want to be and staying there! And, of course, in true Wiz style, you totally deserve to reward your hard work with some play. ;)

What other Wiz Khalifa lyrics could he dedicate to his future son/daughter? Let us know in the comments!