Wiz Khalifa Working With Adam Levine and Chris Brown

The Wizzle-man is back in action and is set to release his fourth studio album this year. While his last album was what sky-rocketed him to fame (and the fact that his song 'Black and Yellow' was the unofficial anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers) this new album will be decidedly different.

Wiz has been in the studio with musical friends Adam Levine, Chris Brown, and Juicy J working on new tracks for the album, which is mysteriously titled O.N.I.F.C. The title hasn't been officially explained by Wiz or his people yet but we've heard it might stand for "Only N***** In F*ckin Chucks" as in Converse Chuck Taylors as in Taylor Gang. As of now, that's only a rumour.

We haven't heard new music from Wiz in a while, but recently he was featured on girlfriend Amber Rose's first foray into music — her new track 'Fame'. Compared to the last album from the rapper, this new release is going to be a shift in subject matter according to his Twitter:

So expect him to rap less about smoking weed, his hometown, and chilling with his friends, and more about diamonds, $$$, and private jets.

What do you think the lyrical content for Wiz's new album will be? Any guesses on what O.N.I.F.C. stands for?