Word To Yo Mama! Our Top Five "Yo Mama" Lyric Lines

With every cheerful holiday that comes around, i.e. Mother's Day, there's usually a sentiment that counter-acts the joyous occasion. For example, on Valntine's Day this year, we posted an Anti-Valentine's Day playlist to, y'know, appeal to everybody on said holiday. Now, we're doing the same thing for Mother's Day, but not an Anti-Mother song list: more of an ode to classic "Yo Mama" diss. C'mon, please tell me you remember the MTV show Yo Momma where contestant joke-battled with those silly "yo-mama-so-fat" insults? Now that we've got a backstory for this unique playlist, sit back, relax, and LOL at these "Yo Mama"-themed lyric lines...

5. Pitbull — Krazy (ft. Lil Jon)

"Latinas, they get krazy / Blanquitas, they get krazy / Negritas, they get krazy / Yo mama, she gets krazy"

Pitbull's 2010 hit "Krazy" is all about how he makes ladies of every ethnicity go, well, krazy, including "Yo Mama"! Please, Pitbull, my mama? She's got too much class to go "krazy". :P

4. Ludacris — How Low

"Better than I ever seen it done before / A lot of women drop it to the ground / But, how low can you go / Lower than yo mama's ever seen it in her lifetime"

Luda's "How Low" is a testament to women everywhere who know how to "dip it low" on the dance floor, and he wants to see you "drop it like it's hot" lower than even Yo Mama has seen before! Ouch, we wonder if that's a jab at our mamas being promiscuous or just old...

3. Kanye West — Bittersweet Poetry

"On one of them bad nights, y'all have a bad fight / And you talkin' 'bout her family, her aunts and sh*t / And she say, muhf***a, yo mama's a b*tch"

Mr. West is having some troubles with his significant other in "Bittersweet Poetry", and she comes right out and calls his mama the B-word. In this tune, Kanye isn't the one dropping the "Yo Mama" line: it's his girl! Being a self-proclaimed mama's boy, Kanye's clearly perturbed by his inconsiderate lover.

2. T-Pain — Rap Song (ft. Rick Ross)

"Me and you, yo mama and yo cousin / Baby, we can make love to a rap song"

No, no, no — T-Pain isn't suggesting that me, you, my mama and my cousin make love to a rap song! He's saying that everybody is listening to rap during "intimate times" nowadays, including mamas all around the world Hmmm...that's not creepy at all...

1. Lil Wayne — F*** You

"F*** you, yo mama, yo daddy and where you lay at"

Here's the shortest, yet most powerful (not to mention profane) "Yo Mama" statement in lyrics we've seen yet — and of course, it's by Lil Wayne! He cuts right to the core by telling his enemies off, starting with "Yo Mama" and even "Yo Daddy"! We'll save this one for Father's Day, too...

Can you think of any "Yo Mama" songs we missed? Let us know in the comments!