Wynter Gordon Wrote the Lyrics to 'Everything Burns' On a Piece of Paper For Us (And Then Burned It!)

It's the debut single from her new project The Righteous Young.

Singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon, who first lit up the charts in 2010 with her single "Dirty Talk," has a new side project called The Righteous Young. To introduce us to her new band's debut single "Everything Burns," Wynter hand wrote out the lyrics on a sheet for us to show. And then she promptly lit it on fire. That's her above, holding the paper as it goes up in flames, which, for a song called "Everything Burns," actually makes a whole lot of sense. Check out the handwritten lyrics below, both before and after the sheet went up in smoke.

And here's the aftermath:

"Everything Burns," according to Gordon, "is an open letter to all the leading men in my life, starting with my father." A close reading of the song suggests that Wynter's fire metaphor represents her internal rage and her desire to wipe the slate clean by burning everything and starting anew. Listen to the song below, via the "Everything Burns" music video:

Like what you hear? Pick up "Everything Burns" off iTunes, and be sure to check out The Righteous Young on Facebook and Twitter.

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