Year-In-Review: Our 5 Best My Musical Mind Features of 2013

We took a look back at the best MMM surveys we received from the biggest names in pop!

The MetroLyrics My Musical Mind survey has been filled out time after time by artists, musicians, and songwriters since its induction in 2011. And every year, we take a look back and see which movers and shakers delivered the best and brightest MMMs to our door. 2013 was an exciting year for us, not just because we got a facelift (such a radical site transformation!), but also because some of the world's biggest stars took their pens to our papers and let us into their musical minds.

Take a look back with us as we scour through our My Musical Mind surveys of 2013 and pick out the top 5:


We have to say, we were impressed when we opened the MMM survey from LA-based rapper/songwriter KAPTN. We definitely had to censor the final product a little bit to make it not so NSFW, but we appreciate the effort that went into this masterpiece!

4. Tori Kelly

Up & coming singer/songwriter Tori Kelly made us want to be BFFs with her when she submitted her My Musical Mind to us. We mean, the girl is a Justin Timberlake and Rick Ross fan -- what else could you want in a pal?

3. Frank Turner

We're already big fans of punk-turned-folk artist Frank Turner, and with his brutally honest handwritten survey handed in our direction, we just fell in love with him that much more. His responses may be tough to read since they're in a fat black Sharpie, but it just adds to the Brit's charm. ;)

2. Madison Beer

Teen sensation Madison Beer might be one of the youngest artists to fill out our survey, ever! The "Melodies" hit maker revealed a ton of adorable things about herself, from her preferred Jeopardy category (cookies, hehe) to her love for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Preach, gurl!

1. Gloria Estefan

Can you say LEGEND? Latin/pop superstar Gloria Estefan is probably the most prestigious star to take her pen to our My Musical Mind survey, and we bow down every time we read it. Starstruck!!!

Which My Musical Mind survey did you love the best in 2013? We want to know!