You Gotta Hear These Michael Jackson, Chromeo, Tiesto Tracks

The latest edition of #TrendingTuesday has us blasting tracks from MJ and a whole lot more.

Bow down, ladies and gentlemen: on this edition of #TrendingTuesday, The King Of Pop has returned! That's right, another posthumous release from Michael Jackson -- whose tragic death we're still mourning 5 years later -- has just hit the shelves, and his hot new single (with Justin Timberlake!) is at the top of our #TT playlist. But who else has fresh tunes cropping up this Tuesday? A pair of dance-pop producers, for one, as well as a handful of some of our favorite country twangers to boot. Y'all should know that #TrendingTuesday is a mixed bag of genres! Anyways, fire up your Spotify players and get listening to the hottest tracks of the week...

10. Cherry Ghost - The World Could Turn

Why it's trending: Little-know alt-folk troupe Cherry Ghost hails from the UK, and their third album Herd Runners just came out today. Like "The World Could Turn"? Other highlights from the album include "Clear Skies Ever Closer" and "Love Will Follow You".

Best lyric line: "Haven't you learned? / In a heartbeat / The world could turn..."

9. The Band Perry - Chainsaw

Why it's trending: A new single from band of siblings The Band Perry? Yes, please! If these country crooners know anything about penning a cryptic ditty, it's TBP ("Better Dig Two" and "If I Die Young", anyone?), and "Chainsaw" off their latest LP Pioneer has group leader Kimberly taking out her aggressions on a failed relationship in quite a dramatic way...

Best lyric line: "Beyond the fear of letting go / Out there on the shore tonight / That's the life you put aside for too long..."

8. Dolly Parton - Blue Smoke

Why it's trending: ALL. HAIL. DOLLY. The country queen proves that she's still got it with the release of Blue Smoke, the diva's whopping 42nd (yes, you read that right) studio album dropped today, and we just have to brag a little bit because we have her handwritten lyrics. Hehe.

Best lyric line: "I left the station straight-up midnight / Feelin' lonely, lost and blue / In a trail of blue smoke with my heart broke / Said good-bye to you..."

7. Tiesto - Let's Go (ft. Icona Pop)

Why it's trending: Where's the album already, Tiesto??? The acclaimed DJ keeps dropping tracks featuring some of today's hottest vocalists, and in "Let's Go"'s case, Tiesto clearly has friends in high places. Icona Pop!!! We smell a summer banger on our hands -- well, we hear...

Best lyric line: "One night it's all it takes / We've become wrong to make it right / One night to save the day / We'll show them all / Let's go, go, go..."

6. Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain't With It)

Why it's trending: Everybody's favorite dance-pop duo, Chromeo, are back on the music scene with White Women, and the new album's lead single is definitely a shoe-in for song of the summer. Are you "Jealous", fellow SOTS candidates?

Best lyric line: "I get jealous, but I'm too cool to admit it / When the fellas, talk to my girl I ain't with it..."

5. M.I.A. - Double Bubble Trouble

Why it's trending: M.I.A. is making the late-night TV rounds to promote her latest Matangi single, "Double Bubble Trouble", with the song's music video set to hit the Web anytime soon. We won't lie: we hope it's like her lyric video for "Come Walk With Me"...

Best lyric line: "Uh oh, you're in trouble / I step up in the game and I burst that bubble..."

4. Jason Derulo - Wiggle (ft. Snoop Dogg)

Why it's trending: Have you been patrolling the latest Internet viral videos these days? Everybody (and their moms) is getting their groove on to Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty cut "Wiggle" featuring the LEGEND Snoop Dogg: we had NO idea the song would get this huge!

Best lyric line: "Patty cake patty cake / With no hands / Got me in this club making wedding plans..."

3. Rascal Flatts - Rewind

Why it's trending: It's finally here! We know there's some Rascal Flatts lovers out there who were desperately waiting for Rewind, the trio's ninth studio album. But make sure you press "Play" to listen to the title track: you can hit "Rewind" once it's done. :P

Best lyric line: "So good so right this is one night I'm wishing I could rewind / I wanna re-fall and re- fly / Baby re-live this night..."

2. The Black Keys - Fever

Why it's trending: Turn Blue, the highly-anticipated release from rockers The Black Keys, is officially out, and everybody's caught BK "Fever"! I mean, did you see the band hit up Live On Letterman yesterday? Talk about a risky performance...

Best lyric line: "Fever, where'd you run to? / Acting right is so routine / Fever, let me live a dream..."

1. Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Why it's trending: Everybody was surprised when a posthumous album featuring unreleased track from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself, was due out today. Xscape is a collection of funky, feel-good hits, just like this romantic lil' ditty featuring the vocals of Justin Timberlake (could he be the Prince of Pop?).

Best lyric line: "Baby, love never felt so fine / And I'd doubt it was mine all mine / Not like you hold me, hold me / Oh baby, love never felt so good..."

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