Mayer Hawthorne's New 'Crime' Lyric Video is Criminally Good

Why? Because it features real life criminals, that's why.

With the popularity of lyric videos these days, it's tough to find one that is truly unique. But every once in a while a lyric video will come along and make you go "Huh, what a cool idea!" Mayer Hawthorne's lyric video for "Crime," his new single featuring Kendrick Lamar, is one of those videos.

The "Crime" lyric video uses footage of criminals taken from real life police dashboard cams. If it wasn't for the lyrics scrolling across the top of the screen next to the time and date stamps, I might think this was an episode of Cops and not a lyric video. The concept makes for a unique visual and really gives the song's chorus—"It's a criiiiimmmmmmeeeee!!"—some literal meaning.

Watch the video below, exclusively here at MetroLyrics:

It's been a big year for Mayer since releasing his latest LP Where Does This Door Go. A North American tour for his new album was just announced and starts in January. Head here to check out the dates and locations.

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Can you think of a more unique lyric video than this one? If so, share it in the comments.