YouTube Music Awards: Video Of The Year Nominees

Take a look at the videos up for the biggest title at the YouTube Music Awards!

The inaugural edition of The YouTube Music Awards is happening on November 3rd. Broadcast live online, the show will be a celebration of the artists and videos that were the most watched, shared, and loved on YouTube over the past year, and will feature performances from some of music's biggest artists including Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire. In a series of posts sponsored by YouTube, we'll be breaking down the nominees in the biggest categories over the next couple of weeks to help you decide who is most deserving of your votes before the show.

We've covered the nominees for the YouTube Phenomenon award the Breakthrough title, and the Artist Of The Year, and now we're onto the final award: Video Of The Year. Based on how many views, shares, likes and comments these massive music videos received, they're definitely all worthy of being nominated for what could be the most important title at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards. See the big nominees below and vote for your pick by sharing the nomination video that accompanies your video of choice on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. (Click here for more info on how to vote.)

Miley Cyrus — We Can't Stop

2013 was definitely Miley Cyrus' year. Completely revamping not only her sound, but her image as well, the pop star's every move was watched and critiqued. Releasing her new hip-hop-influenced album Bangerz, the lead single "We Can't Stop" completely changed the direction of the controversial singer's career.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: Whether you love Miley Cyrus or can't stand her, everybody watched this video when it debuted. You're lying if you think this bizarre, ridiculous clip of Cyrus and her comrades tearing up a house party wasn't on everybody's lips.

Why They Deserve To Win: This thing broke records! Miley's video was viewed 10.7 MILLION times in 24 hours, which made it the most-viewed video in such a short period of time.

Epic Rap Battles Of History — Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

As one of the highest-viewed videos from YouTubers Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist, the epic fictional rap battle between Obama and Romney went viral this year. Makes sense, since the campaign in itself was one of pop culture's biggest moments ever!

Why It's The Video Of The Year: We've pretty much said it all: Obama taking the election again was a huge moment, and their rap battle about the occasion gained the duo plenty of attention.

Why They Deserve To Win: The YouTube-famous duo has had quite an exciting year with the success of their video channel, and their fans are ruthless to help them win.

Girls' Generation — I Got A Boy

K-pop sensations Girls' Generation took this year by storm, especially because of the rise of the genre in North America. With a huge hit single, album, and world tour under their belts, it's only a matter of time before they become a girl group staple.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: The fashionable group took trendsetting to new heights in the music video for "I Got A Boy". Their dance moves and adorable personalities shone through as well, winning over tons of new fans around the world.

Why They Deserve To Win: Every award show loves the story of a group that made it big in just a year: we think Girls' Generation has a nice shot at the VOTY title!

Justin Bieber — Beauty And A Beat (ft. Nicki Minaj)

The infamous music video for Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj's "Beaty And A Beat" was one of the crooner's best vids to date: HE was in control of the camera, after all!

Why It's The Video Of The Year: When you have a music video with as much eye candy as Justin and Nicki, it's hard not to take your eyes off it.

Why They Deserve To Win: With one of the biggest fanbases on the planet, the Beliebers will do everything in their power to make sure JB gets this one.

Lady Gaga — Applause

Little Monsters everywhere couldn't wait for the release of the music video for Gaga's upcoming album ARTPOP's first single, and when it showcased every facet of her combination of, well, art and pop, it's a visual (and musical!) treat.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: We loved this music video not only because, well, it's Lady Gaga, but it's her usual costume changes and ingenuity shortened down into a regular-length video!

Why They Deserve To Win: You have to admit that Mother Monster pulls out all the stops when she puts together a music video. "Applause" is no different!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)

It's been such an amazing year for the independent-label Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Not only do they know how to poke fun at themselves, they also know how to pen a human rights anthem like "Same Love", and the beautiful video featuring singer Mary Lambert was a huge hit in 2013.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: The touching message behind "Same Love" has opened a lot of people's eyes when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, thanks to the rapper and producer duo.

Why They Deserve To Win: Once again, the success story of these two matched with the video's positive message is enough to cement them the title of VOTY.

Demi Lovato — Heart Attack

What a year for Demi Lovato! Coming back at the world with her powerful single "Heart Attack", plus the stunning music video for the single, has made her one of the world's biggest pop stars.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: We have to give Demi props for going the creative distance to dip herself in paint. Must have taken a lot of remover to get it off!

Why They Deserve To Win: Demi is just so sweet, humble, and open with her fans, so we wish her the best of luck at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards.

One Direction — Best Song Ever

What can we say: One Direction were certainly clever when they came up with the song title "Best Song Ever"! And seeings as its one of their best music videos ever, we're not surprised it was nominated for VOTY.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: The boys put their acting chops to work in this piece, and there's no denying how charming they are as they act completely ridiculous in the vid.

Why They Deserve To Win: Mark our words, those Directioners will stop at nothing to help their boys take the Video Of The Year spot!

PSY — Gentleman

He's a mother father gentleman! No matter how ridiculous you think PSY's song "Gentleman" is, as well as the music video, he's become one of the world's biggest stars in the past year, and the uber-fun clip proves he just wants to dance.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: "Gentleman" proved that PSY wasn't just a one-trick pony: he could surpass the "Gangnam Style" success!

Why They Deserve To Win: Again, award givers love when artists have such quick success stories: just ask PSY!

Selena Gomez — Come & Get It

All we could say was WOW when Selena Gomez dropped her video for "Come & Get It" earlier in the year. She's grown into her own in a classy, beautiful way, and the music video depicts it perfectly.

Why It's The Video Of The Year: SeSe showed off not only her vocal chops, but her dancing skills in this epic video. Not to mention the stunning fashion choices!

Why They Deserve To Win: Selena surprised not only fans, but pop music fans as well with her new music vision. It's a great pop song, and better yet, great video!

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