ZZ Ward Gives Us A Look Inside Her Musical Mind

ZZ Ward, born Zsuzsanna Ward (talk about a cool name!) got her start in the music biz very early. She joined her first band at the age of twelve after getting into blues and hip hop music. She then went on to sign with a label and ever since then her musical journey has been filled with cool things: she was asked to collaborate with Freddie Gibbs after he was impressed by her music, her songs appeared on the television shows Pretty Little Liars and Awkward, and she's worked with big-name producers the likes of Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

ZZ released her debut full-length album Til The Casket Drops in late 2012 and we wanted to get to know her a bit better so we asked her to fill out the My Musical Mind questionnaire. Read on for her answers (and her adorable self-portrait — featuring her singnature fedora)...

Watch the video for ZZ Ward's "Put The Gun Down":