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Niggaz Aint dead Lyrics

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Now everythings good in my hood
and its on and poppin' Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E
From East Side South Compton
str8 givin' up the real
on how a nigga feel talk that shit
muthaphukkaz caps get peeled
layin' low in the cut
gettin higher than a muthaphuka niggaz knows whats up
I'm that gangsta, gangsta is that what there still yellin'
nigga G to a T saggin' and bailin'
live by the gun you know what I'm sayin' Ren
so I guess I'll die by that muthaphukka then
so when I die niggaz bury me
make sure my shit reads Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E
and it's a fact to be exact my tombstone should read:
He Put Compton On That Map
and thats how a nigga feel
when I'm givin' up Tha Muthaphukkin Real


[MC Ren]
They say real niggaz was dead but this nigga be alive
[DJ Yella]
Eazy muthaphukkin E, muthaphukkin god father of gangsta gangsta
[MC Ren]
They say real niggaz was dead but this nigga be alive
Well I'm Eazy-E I got womaan galore (x2)

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