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Nikki Minaj Itty Bitty Piggy - lyrics

Aye yo I really dont know your name
I'm a black barbie with the short cut bang
Listen, I get Money when it snow and money when it rains
Excuse me honey but yo swag is so lame

While you was in the bush I was given him spank's
I had him folded up like a neat kept blanky
People on my back a had to give them a shacky
But, B****es hang on I just want a quickey.


Hold her by the neck and tella go an hour longer
Girl i seee you swinggin but you get a lotta fumbles
step your game up before it crumbles
Don't be actin like broke Niggahz's gettin money.

Oh, Im'a feel her, like a dealer shiper
These B****es can't get no realer, They swag so sick it's a killer

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