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Kid Ink No Flex Zone (Remix) ft Travis Porter & Hardhead

(Hook x2)
No flex, zone
No flex zone
They know better
They know better

Said I'm the nigga gorilla in the village
No nice guy wid 'em you night night nigga
Can't ride wit the team
No bike life nigga
Ain't bittin' my tongue, you can bite my dick
Just roll enough, gone light that shit
Shit still shine when the light don't hit
Can't fake watch us a real nigga
Shout out, Paul wall, I'm grillin''em
Straight me and the team, eye to the ceilin'
Ridin' in the Porsche, fly away from the Civic
Know it's a party every evening
Always gettin' complaints from the tenants
So I got me a crib in the valley
But I'm always still in the city
Out of town, still smoking cali
Blowin' swishas fat as a Philly
Lil' niggas betta get ya updates
Been a whole new game since it came out
Got plague on plague need Colgate
In my own lane, get ya own ride
Now, no flex, we zone'in
Out this bitch if anybody want it
All this liquor a nigga been pourin'
Got me feelin that there ain't no opponent

No flex, zone
No flex zone
They know better
They know better

My kicks is betta, my bitch is betta
They know about me, they know I got it
Last night I killed her, all white in Levis
They know to fuss, they know it's cocky
Fillin' pieces, fresh up out of Neimans
Golden Color Jesus, killin' all these features
If you wanna job, come get employed
Rockin' shit that they can't afford
Least a thousand dollar pair of Jordan's
I don't think that they ready for it
Buy brand new mansion, 20 bitches dancin'
Come thru them jessies , 20 grand on the jacket
30k on the back end, this shit feel like trappin'
Up in the city gettin' play, these muthafuckas betta have my pay
Cause we eatin', betta than the city in the week-end
Roll another blunt cuz we geekin'
Have another bottle with my niggas then we leavin'
Somebody comin' on boat this evenin'
Er'body got another seal about the team
Porter house niggas started with a dream
The bitch say black, are you ready or you seem?
I tell a girl is on me cause she see me on the screen

No flex, zone
No flex zone
They know better
They know better

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