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Not Dead Lyrics

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it's alwayS The same...quITe AnD daRK
my Sleep iS CARring Me tHRough ThE NigHt
unTIl thE daY awaKeS
bUt theRe ArE tHInGs in mY HeAD
liKe An unBIDDEn Guest stEAling INtO
aNd He knows thAt i'M not waTching him
oh God, i HAtE thAt FeelINg
In a second everythIng Is unbAlAnced
my wHolE WOrld beGinS tO faltEr
what the fuck Do YoU want fROM mE?
I doN'T waNT You To be hEre
Get tHe fucK Away

anxiEty sUrrOuNdINg me
TrAnspiRinG the Fear I fEEl
tHe LIght is ON but tHe waLlS are blACK
i'm trAPped and thEre is war In my HEad
whaT The heck is WrONG with ME?
i'm BloCkEd by my caTalepsY
HavE mercy Upon mE and let me Go
ThIs is aLl i'm lOngINg For

aNd it bUrNS oN My skiN
i'm alonE and loCkeD wItHin
leT mE BrEAthe, cauSe i feEL waLled
BluRry EyeS guidINg my way home.

SUffOCating, Cause i'm caught iN My chainS
I can't sEe if this is blOod Or rain
RUnNIng doWn my hEad and The wall infrOnt of ME
i'M suFferIng so mUcH...PlEase ceaSE my agoNY

wHy do YOu tHreaT mE? What havE I Done?
GeT YOu gonE anD TheN Leave Me AloNe
youR silEncE is torTurE
a REaLity, man-made, blasTEd sHIt!
of wHaT the hEll I'm afrAid?
get your asS ouT of my hOLy hOme
thiS is MiNE And NO plAce For anyoNe
I blasT my Head aGainsT The waLl
the Only WaY To sTOp my falL

bUt I will fight agaIn
AgAiNst tHe horrOr i'm liVing In
aGaInst The tOrtURE in mY heAd
yOu WON'T makE me dead

And i'lL bREAtHe aGAIN
caUse Of the lovE That i GaIn
aNd oF the pills i'm swALlowINg
mAkIng Me belIevE In
buT i wiLL FighT AGAiN
against ThE hoRRor i'm liVinG in
agaInst thE torTure IN my HeAd
yOu won't mAKe mE deaD

you won'T make me dead
yoU wON't mAKE me DEaD
oH, MOtheRfuCKer!

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