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Notch By Notch Lyrics

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I see your lips so delicate but your eyes are wondering
How could you be mine? How could you not be everyone's?
I'm just so frustrated.
Lonely, infatuated by the moments that you give me.
Believe me, I envy

So notch by notch you carve away your bedpost.
Soon you'll have nowhere to sleep, no one to hold you close.
Latch by latch you'll lock away your heart, love.
And you'll push away the ones who love you most.

You're actions are reflecting pool of hate
You carry so much disdain. The soil sinks beneath the wait.
And I thought once I could have saved you, or at least help remake you.
But you're molded from the same clay and it only cracks and it breaks
And you're molded from the same clay and it only cracks and it only breaks

Chorus x2

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