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Nothing Was The Same Lyrics

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I love you so much!
But I hate what you've done
I know from here things will never be the same
And things will probably never change
I know what we want
Isn't exactly what god had planned
Hey its all I can do is
Hope you can see the difference
And pray for the best
Please don't forget me!

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strength

I should let you fall in love with
Someone else girl
I live in L.A
You in Chicago
You're not patient
I'm not patient
We shouldn't be together
I think we shouldn't be together
No more no (no more no)
Just think I'm where it all beginning
You're the envy of your prince
Plus you know you're not yourself anymore
The miracle of change
But if we got together it will never be the same like before girl
And I'm sorry
I said I'm sorry girl
She said look me in my fucking eyes and say it
But tell me am I wrong for what I'm saying

Is it wrong of me to tell these women what they wanna hear
Try to control us
You wanna hold us down
Yeah you really wanna hold us down
Yeah you really wanna hold us

All I asked is for a chance to prove that money can't really make me happy
Crazy how I blew myself from fucked up predicaments
I mean women inspire me to great things
(Drake: but always end up preventing me from achieving them)
I need to grow some fucking confidence
And why you gotta say the last word
And if I tell you how I really felt
(there probably end up being another argument candy girl,
You know everything you thought of me came from yourself)
And that shit starts to get old
And I don't mean to say the most
But you know how they say you are who you hang with ?

Is it wrong of me to tell these women what they wanna hear

You know how they say
If you love somebody
That don't love you back
Love them anyway

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