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Now You See My Life Lyrics

feat. Skee-Lo

"Now You See My Life" was written by Aron Erlichman, Jim Milner, Antoine Roundtree.
"Now You See My Life" was written by Aron Erlichman, Jim Milner, Antoine Roundtree.

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There once was a kid name of Deuce,
who got sick and tired of being picked on.
So he got himself a nice twenty-two,
click, boom, now hes on the fuckin news.

Now whos the king of these rap acts? American bad ass,
they say hes a class act, no wonder hes jabbed at.
Thats why they put me up in lights and I rap back,
and half these critics wanna mimic my crack-ass.
He aint no cynic but he knows where your dads at,
they aint go finish till they send you to Baghdad.
And minute by minute, they go pull you right in it,
you go end up at clinics because they put you on Xinix.
But dont you worry Im back, yeah Deuce is back with a black hat,
cape and a black cat, baby Im the new Batman.
(ooh) You know only Angie can grab that,
I dont need no groupies tryin a grab at my pants,
hopin Im a go back and tax that,
I aint endin up in no place with no bad rash.
How come I get laughed at by media trash bags?
Just because Im white and I sing like Im half-black?

[Deuce] Chorus:
Now you see my life, and it looks so pretty, looks so pretty.
You want what you cant have, and you know thats too damn bad.
Try and take my pride, we both know thats silly, know thats silly.
You want what you cant have, and you know thats too damn bad.

(Skee-Lo) Im gonna make it no matter how long it takes me,
Im sick of lower living I cant allow it to break me.
My neighbors hate me, all they do is just make me,
bounce back, get on my hustle, achievin great things.
An architect, buildin my future, watching it grow,
reachin out to the youth and Im teachin em what I know.
I done seen a lot a people do anythin for the dough,
even rob, steal, kill, good girls that turned pro.
Good fellas turned stick-up kids I used to know.
Little Bobby graduated and college he couldnt go.
The Earth rotates, a thousand thirty seven and a third.
Cops pull us over, tonight Im on the curb,
gettin handcuffed, deputies searchin for contraband,
Im face-down talkin to God, he understands.
Tomorrow Im a start a new life a changed man,
but tonight I might be going to jail for eight grams (and)

[Deuce & Skee-Lo] Chorus

I was born to rip shit, born with too much wit,
thats why they call me the Wiz Kid, cause I drop hits.
Mimic me, Im too sick, you cant hang, Im too quick.
Whats my name? Deuce bitch, its the new shit.
Leavin egos bruised and yeah your trapped, your stupid,
tryina step in in my shoes, but its foolish.
Im cuckoo, homey I got screws loose,
fuck Tool, you can kiss my ass too bitch,
you and your Dr. Phil affiliates,
youre worth two cents of my time and
a few bars, so move bitch,
as long as Im doing music
Im a be a nuisance,
its a new movement.

[Deuce] Chorus

Deuces, Deuces, Deuces, Deuces, Skee-Lo, Skee-Lo, Skee-Lo, Deuces


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