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Numero uno Lyrics

"Numero uno" was written by James Sensible.
"Numero uno" was written by James Sensible.

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One, one

Grand number, grand numero
Court is now in session here ye here ye all listen close
To the man the myth the Fresh Prince the utmost
I got a brain like a cup and rhymes

I pour em' Spectrum to the Astrodome to bore 'em
All the way to Wembley fans are in a frenzy
Doing what I gotta do to make people remember me

Fast like Flo Jo crazy like Cujo
Both I know and you know
That I'm numero uno
My crew is numero

Order in the court prepare to cop the plea sucker
Judge jury bailiff their all me you're on trial but you can't win
'Cause I wrote the script you die in the end
So throw in the towel sign off just give it up
You tried to beat me in a game that I made up

And by the time you learn the rules and tried to change your fate
It's too little, too late, sorry chump check mate
I'm in the room to do my thing
You wanna battle let's go, just get your butt in the ring

Ten seconds and it's over I yell out who's next
I got you off guard with the lyrical sup lex
I flex my lyrics so that you cant jinx
The ship that wont sink more popular than the Sphinx

I'm a cardo will strong just like a dinosaur
You want more your not scared then what your running for
'Cause I'm the incredible I do the impossible
I'm known to destroy you and your crew if you follow the rules

I'm number one, I'm the Prince, I'm the lyrical gun
What you're dissing me yo cut that out son
'Cause I'm a weapon you heard what I said
And I should have a danger sign on my forehead

'Cause I'm lethal, fatal, unstable
I'm intro standing in front of a mic cable
Waiting to blow if there's a flick or a static
To ignite the fuse in the room you feel the doom

You tried to break but there's no escape
From the jaws of death you took the bait
Wait and if I say so you may go
It's like mother mayor May It, oh hell no

Go ahead and play me if you think I'm a joke
Just keep a brace around for when your neck gets broken
'Cause your gambling just like craps and Trump go ahead roll
Snake eyes you lost, chump

That's the way its gonna be every time you try to go rhyme for rhyme
Your rhymes against my rhymes are dope
Your rhyming is weak your rhyming is wack
Wherever you got it from I suggest that you take it back

Hold up Hobbes you say you made it up
Then cut your head off because your brain sucks
You should a stayed back, you should a laid back
You Should a prayed that I didn't come back

But I came back remember way back
You used to say that I wrote wack raps
Now your screaming out somebody tame that
Lyrical cyclops yo prince please stop

Somebody call the cops, go get you some eye drops
Now here's a word for the wise don't go into the light
That's how I get ya cause I'm a poetic poltergeist
Now in ya mind is a vision that's driven by my decision
To become an imaginations figment

Which gives you the freedom to explore and roll around with your mind
And disappear when you look behind you know I'm a gladiator
And I really hate a sucker stepping to me that's a perpetrator
Really I'm the evader terminator

That's like setting up do that and detonator
Go the fat was
You know that I'm def cause
I just transformed it like Jeff does

Fast like Flo Jo crazy like Cujo
Both I and you know
That I'm numero uno
My crew is numero
Grand number
My crew is numero

James Sensible

Published by

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