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Off Tha Chain Lyrics

"Off Tha Chain" was written by Smith, Lasana / Young, Maurice / Duggins, Adam.
"Off Tha Chain" was written by Smith, Lasana / Young, Maurice / Duggins, Adam.

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Trick daddy-
What time ya'll? ? ball off tha chain

Chorus- 2x
You off tha chain wit it,
You do your thang wit it
Tha way you talk, tha way you walkin
Girl you slang wit it
You on tha road lil' momma
Outta control lil' momma
Never know dis b'4, but damn you swole lil momma

Verse 1: trina

Like I said before, you don't nann hoe
Who off tha chain like me, you understand hoe?
I got tha niggas at me, I got tha bitches at me
At the shows dyke hoes blowin kisses at me
Slow your roll hoe, lil' momma strictly dick
I'm the bitch that got you lame hoes poppin shit
I'm off tha glass, got these niggas trickin 20 g's
Lil' momma gettin' plenty g's and I got 'em hollerin

Chorus 2x

Verse 2: trina

Ain't no secret baby
You know lil' momma shinin'
Bb studded, diamond's got these big ballers whinin'
You know lil' momma play
Nigga let them g's loose
Or rob that bank playboy
Peel them g's loose
You know lil' momma baddest bitch on tha south coast
I got these buck niggas trickin' of their house note
'cause I'm off tha glass wit it
I'm gettin' cash with it
Pretty face, slim waist, phat ass wit it

Chorus- 2x

Verse 3: trick daddy

You off tha chain wit it, ha, off tha chain wit it,
Off tha chain wit it
See I can tell by your smile,
Girl you got your freak game on,
Got on these strap up heels, and your p thangs on
You got your hair all done
Somebody ta watch your son
You off tha chain wit it
You slang your than you makin change wit it
For a lil cash
For a lil ass
For a lil' this
For a lil that
Letme make this
Letme take this
Letme get that
I'm down wit it
I'll be up supportin' your cause
Flirtin' all week long
I'll be rememberin' your walls



Yeah I'm off tha chain wit it
I do my thang with it
Last year y'all remember how I came wit it
Uh, now I'm makin' hits again
Trinna&trick again
Got you hatin' hoes sick again
And them niggas hollerin'

Chorus- til end


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