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Oh Father! Lyrics

from Face Off

"Oh Father!" is track #4 on the album Face Off.
"Oh Father!" is track #4 on the album Face Off.

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I was that cool motherfucker
But living in the world of these cruel motherfuckers
Society done made me a fool motherfucker
And 16 shots leaving them pussies taking cover
I'm sorry mother
Motherfuckers just ain't like me
The fucking grave by 21 is so likely
A million letters from the pen and niggas writing me
Fuck the system! the dea selling all the damn yay
So I pray that them fuckers die
And when they leave let them pussy motherfuckers fry
And make they family eternally have to cry
And crucify me and label me the end right
I testify
I'm ready

Repeat 4x
Oh father, come and take me
I surrender I'm ready

Statistics said I wouldn't live to see the grey in my head
It's too much drama in the steets, too much he and she said
Wanted by feds, reg say they wanted ? dust and not toomb?
So I keep my eyes red and I stay in my room
I'm praying soon that my in come cause income done halted
If you got then I got it but anyone can talk it
And I thought it was simply me but it's universal
Cause the shit's the real deal trying to build a commercial
America, you tell me where's the freedom and liberty
This place ain't meant for me so I pack the quarter key
And move it like ryder truck them crackers already stuck
A path of my niggas because my niggas ain't give a fuck
Bout nothing they had to say, we always going move the yay
Your game but we can play and lucifer best to pray
That I do not do what I just planned to do yesterday

Repeat 4x
Oh father, come and take me
I surrender I'm ready

Them crackers have it fucked up I scooped the job for a minute
But couldn't deal with the pay I quit that shit in a day
Back on the grind serving my yay nothing to say but I cried
I'm told it's a better way but who going to pull me aside
They in they ride disappointed cause I have bad luck
I ain't never want to sell this shit my nigga I'm stuck
My people roll they window up and then they hitting they locks
It's fucked up but that's the way it is down here on the block
Man everybody serving rocks if not some rocks some weed
Everybody's trapped ha I can't afford the heat
It's kind of neat how they just creep and kick the door off the hinge
And when they motherfucking leave they thanking all of my friends
No way to win cause we are in for the ride of our lives
I was writing this shit I had to wipe my eyes
Cause this is chaos they after us we'll never succeed
Cause we some ignorant ass niggas but all we need
Is to see I guarantee if we stop competing
Get our children out these fucking streets and get them to reading
Now I'm just speaking shit who am I to tell anyone
I'm telling you it take nothing new up under the sun
You got your gun fuck your gun if you goin' run when they chase you
Why don't do you do some of that crazy shit you threaten the baser
Now or later we going to have to stand up and fight
We pay the taxes in this bitch nigga use your right
And yeah I know I ain't right but I'll be damned if I'm wrong
They say two wrongs don't make a right but yet it's making me strong
And when I'm gone I hope this song rang in your heart
My nigga ain't no better time than right now to start.

Repeat 4x
Oh father, come and take me
I surrender I'm ready

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