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Open House Lyrics

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Ok, lets go!
Whats Up!

Parents out of town so i'm hittin' up some women
Some in the hammock sittin', some in the pool swimmin'
A couple sauze bros and a bunch of bad bitches
Single till I die I don't need a damn Mrs
Neighbors suspicious, threatening to call the police
Music up, party hard, get no sleep
We just blow trees, gettin' toastees
Super smash brothers and you know i'm playing Yoshi
Its gettin' out of control, someones passed out on the couch house clouded with smoke
When my parents coming home, yo I don't even know
Hey wait wait quiet down let me answer the phone, hello?
"Hi Jesse, yes we're on our way home
your father wouldn't stop for gas so we're bout to get towed
In an hour or so, expect to knock on the door
And you better be alone, hope no party goin' on"
Pancakes havin' sex, get the fuck out my room
My parents are gonna be home in an hour or two
Yo there's vomit in the toilet, in the shower there's puke, and there's two naked girls tryna jump off the roof
Time to round up the troops, its downright impossible
Everybody's gotta go, that's right yeah you gotta go
Guys, the jocks, all the nerds in the honor roll
And two girls hookin' up when they on a flow

We, we just wanna party
Momma sorry, i'm so high
We, we just wanna party
Momma sorry, i'm so high

9th grade chicks who try actin' mature
But i'm sure they parents sad cause they raisin' a whore
There's a knock at the door, who the fuck could it be
Drunk girls wit they ass out, dogs even passed out
Didn't think tonight id fuckin' have a packed house
On the floor there's a bunch of kids blacked out
Less than ten minutes till my parents get back now
So I tell em the cops coming, the oldest trick in the book, but eveybody start running
I clean the house, then I sleep in
I'm off the hook I can't wait till next weekend

We, we just wanna party
Momma sorry, i'm so high

Hey Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

We, we just wanna party
Momma sorry, i'm so high
We, we just wanna party
Momma sorry, i'm so high

(Na, na na na na na na
na na na na, hey Jude)x2

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