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Ordinary People Lyrics

"Ordinary People" was written by Davies.
"Ordinary People" was written by Davies.

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I am the image maker, I am the magic maker
I can turn the most ordinary man in the world into a star
To prove my point, I am going to find the most
Mundane little man and turn him into celebrity
Hmm, this looks like a suitably uninteresting house
I wonder if there's anybody here with enough star quality

It's like another world, being here with you
It's quite a trip for me, so this is reality
I'm studying every movement, I'm trying to learn the part
Now I want you to be natural, just relax and be as you are
'Cos it's all for art, I want to observe the ordinary people

Tomorrow I shall become Norman
I shall go to his office, mix with his workmates
And if they ask any questions
I shall say, "I'm doing research for one of my songs"

Norman and I are changing places
And I'm going to make him a star
So I'm throwing away my stage suit and I'm packing away my guitar
For the sake of art, I'm gonna mix with the ordinary people

God, these pajamas are awful
Awful! Well all I can say is, "My Norman wears them every night"
Alright, no sacrifice is too great for art

The things I've done for music
The things I've done for art
So I'll make these sacrifices and I'll take it like a star
For the sake of art, I will mix with the ordinary people

You'd better come to bed darling
Comin', you'll never get up for work in the morning
Ooh, yeah

I'm making observations and character simulations
I'll mix with his friends and relations and he'll be a part of me
He's changing places with Norman to get background for his songs

I'm immortalizing his life
And I'll even sleep with his wife
For the sake of art
I'll go to bed like the ordinary people

Turn out the light
Turn out the light


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