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Outraged And Underage Into Lyrics

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Tyga, are you ashamed of the things you've done?
I havnt done im ashamed of
All the people youve hurt?
So you dont feel any remorse?
Remorse for what?, you people have done everything in the world to me, doesnt that give me eaqual right? I can do anything I want to to you people at anytime i want to because thats what you've done to me, if you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and throw me in solitarty confinement for nothing what do you thinks gonna happpen when I get out of here?
So you dont feel guilty at all?
Theres no need to feel guilty, I havnt done anything im ashamed of maybe i havnt done enough I might be ashamed of that for not doing enough, for not giving enough, for not being more perceptive, for not being aware enough, for not understanding, for eh being stupid, maybe I should of killed four five hundred people then I would of felt better, then i would of felt like i really offerd society something, you know if I wanted to kill somebody I'd kick this .. and beat you to death with it and I wouldnt feel a thing

I'm outaged and underage tyga straight out'ta the cage
the faceplate badge on the louis suitcase
boom base when the sound spray, bang!
every hurse killer reherse no sounds stay
i milk hoes like a cows taste
chandoliers in my living space
symbolising the good life half fake, the hoes half bake
all at my shows with the smiley face big bank cheque, little bank in this rat race
per say coby swag im past ... tryna get twenty four eggs with the ice lace
I'm gettin the same cake the president make beyond bad things never care what the mass say never what the maths says, them chips really aint safe in the safe, bam bam a flintsone a problem man across the street make you hold your own hand, feel fear nigger
this close to your ear nigger, flowin this ... when the ribbon hit ya, hard like the liquor hit ya whats the diference grey goose duck duck shoot
in the same minite, a lace minites, no gang bang niggers, just a gang of money with a gang of niggers, gang of strippers, gang of grippers, when them gang niggers start trippin sounds ridiculos street symphony
but i dont party with the enemy just a lot of love hate niggers staring at me, these jelousy arrows just aiming at me, im'a take three then vers em all on the beat
black beast the most beautiful thing in me mixed with some asian came in freash off a space ship, sunny ass chain on my bright days slave shit, shit im outaged and underage bitch!
i'm outaged and underaged
I'm outaged and underage bitch!

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