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Pack Ya Shit Lyrics

from Savage Life

"Pack Ya Shit" is track #13 on the album Savage Life.
"Pack Ya Shit" is track #13 on the album Savage Life.

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Lets straighten it out x4
Now sit yourself down girl

Verse 1
when we started off girl you know it wasnt nothing like dis
everything was all good we wasnt busten like dis
we used to cuddle all night now we touchen like dis
no open arms jus closed fist aint this some shit how i fliped
and i barely even hug you no mo sometimes i get tha feeling i dont even love you no mo
and it feel like you dont love me cuz it aint like you been round here tryin hug me
and why you always accuse me of being a cheat
why you always holler'n choose me or choose tha streets
what its goin take for me to say to you to make the peace
to let you know that you can trust me and i aint tryn cheat
and then you wonder why i disappear for bout a week
cuz i cant make no bread at home and boo we gotta eat
i think its time for all the pressure for to be released now lets get on tha same page baby you and me


Verse 2
man why you always with that same shit asking the same ole questions about tha same chick
girl wont you tell me why you stressing you my main bitch how many time i done told you
stop all that trippen baby you who i come home to there go tha door you can go if you want to
no stay lets just talk it out like adults and get it straight and suck up on ya neck
and rough sex take place now you can smile again and lose the upset face your love is sensational
and cant no notha women replace ya and i break paper to lace ya in the finer things
so why you trippen about the minor things see you need to stick wit me i got all kind of plans
see this hustle her gonna get us all kind of things we goin go and see tha world up in tha private planes
all i need you to do girl is stop playen games


Verse 3
boo i love you wit all my heart and all my soul
you make me wanna go places i thought tha i'd neva go
but i just wish you understood betta dis cheeta thing
girl you act like you like tha hood betta
a whole lotta shit done switched since i first meet cha
before this bread we had a vibe dur the bread came den the vibe left
ya heart i want cha to tell me whats inside dur
cuz i dont know and i sho cant read ya mind dear
the last thing im tryna do is make ya cry hear
i'd rather see that pretty smile then see them tears
so now you just wanna give up after all them years
to throw away what we made come on keep it real
i put you befo all tha fellas thats how deep it is
you used to tell me everything now ya secretive
like dr cliff and clare hugstable how we can live
its comen girl just chill look here


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