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Party Hard Lyrics

This was famously one of the Keshwala crime syndicate's favorite tracks and featured heavily in a documentary about them.
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lord of mercy

Donae'o Donae'o

part t t t t t t t t t ty hard zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom (x2)

the roof the roof the roof is on fire
we dont need no party let them things dem burn , burn burn burn
let them things dem burn . burn , burn

me ah go party hard
you know we ah go party hard
me want party hard
yes we ah party hard hard x2

Donae'o Donae'o

when i touch mic its now ah get hype if i say so
i dont play bro
im here to entertain you
no games bro

i ting yuh singing it Party Hard
jump, look meh ladies dem, meh love to still my thi ngs,
no if, no but, no maybes

throw no face you know yuh must party hard,
throw and just wild out , to the energy got no time out
you dunno if we waiting, just find out,
fir the ppl dem come must find out ,
so must go through,

i wanna party hard,
you see meh want party hard,
me ah go party hard,
ah say meh now party hard, hard

STOP , take a pose,
now dog i wanna see your raving stance
right now is where the raving starts
everybody sing ''party hard'

no long ting, no riny dinky ding no long ting,
never go to the bar with just no ring ting ,
buy a drink and then afi party hard

men dem, theres nuff ladies about yah ,
so let the ruff ting ting come about yah
the party ting is what your about yah
yuh know yuh ah sing party hard
and just wild out yah

to the energy got theres no time out
you dunno if we waiting, just find out...

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