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Payday Lyrics

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(Krayzie Bone)

(Big Syke)

(Chrous: Krayzie Bone playin over conversation x2)
Daily, Daily
I'm out here paper chasin
And i need my bank role (bank role)
So pay me (Pay me)
Nigga it's pay day and i need my

(Krayzie Bone)
That's right
Krayzie Bone

(Big Syke)
Noble outlaw

(Krayzie Bone)
Hum, Big Syke

(Big Syke)
Mack 10

(Krayzie Bone)
Y'all niggaz know what it is

(Big Syke)
You know

(Krayzie Bone)
We thugz for life

(Big Syke)
You know

(Krayzie Bone)
I know one thing

(Big Syke)
What's that Krayzie?

(Krayzie Bone)
When niggaz come to collect

(Big Syke)
Huh huh

(Krayzie Bone)
You mothafuckers better have my money

Verse 1: Big Syke

My daddy always told me black folks lazy...
That's why he raised me crazy
Don't ever try to play me
You better pay me
You can love or hate me!
It don't make me none, Just have my funds
Flippin', scrippin tripp and i'm gonna get my gun
They run our soul and control our minds
So i can't fold in this world of crime
Just look you'll find everybody in the pen
With atlest 10 for tryin to get a big bodied benz
In the universe i'm nobody
I know i'm cursed but yo gon' pay me
See the university say you goin' pro
They get there money now is what you really don't know
It flows from the streets to athlete's
Bangin' to track meets
From Venus to Serina
You know that we pack heat
Gimmie mine!

(Chorus: Krayzie Bone x2)

Verse 2: Mack 10

I keep that fryin' in a pot of water
Till it bubble
The rock my work and i prophet like double
Now i done heard every war story there is to be told
And done, pushed every narcotic it is to be sold
Dogg i'm a street nigga rider till the end
Know from state to state as maniac Mack 10
Now who you know push a Bentley with tattoo's galore
Bust with classic ??? and hit the switch on the 64'
I kick back relax bein blunts to the head
Since i was two with my crew g'd up in all red
See i'm all about the dollar moolar and chips
And see bust million dollar checks and half with crip's
And give a fuck what you think cuz your attitude is funny
And real niggaz be about they loved ones and they money
So get you some business and quit talkin' like a bitch
And eh, suck a niggaz dick or eh make a nigga rich
You heard

(Chorus: Krayzie Bone x2)

Verse 3: Young Noble

Ay yo
If it don't make dollar's then it don't make sense
Outlaw motherfucker and we all about chip's
I got niggaz who been standin' on the block for years
Give a fuck about the cops
We been hot for years
And all the fiends be lovin' us
I wan it all from drug money to publishin' dice game bubbilin'
Uh, Pac was right it's as simple as this
Homie get of your ass if you plan to be rich
There's one rule to the game either ball or die
Noble everyday grind outlaw for life
At eleven years old i sold coke by the front of my home
For new Nike's and the latest clothes
I made this doe
Dawg i'ma keep on gettin' it
And stackin' it oh
And you can keep on trickin' it
We live this shit 4 money and power
Give it all to the Lawz' now your money is our's
Pay me nigga

(Chorus: Krayzie Bone x5)

Transitional stage's thought five hundred plus years
Lost wages from the cotton fields to the concrete jungle
I am now forced to hit the stage to get my bundle
Constantly carrying this country from slave times to land mines
Thought pure entertainment
I'm not mad at cha' as long as i receive my payment on time
I'm just chasin what's already mine
If the ones on top want my talent
Just make sure i have a seven figure balance
I am part of the talented ten
And since i have portrayed a pawn for the government
Somebody owes me for my irreplaceable sweat and tears
Those who know me understand the smiling faces standing in my mirrors
I no longer have the patience i'm not high maintenance
But time is money and i have no time for it to be acting funny

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