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Philly Cheese Steak (Skit) Lyrics

"Philly Cheese Steak (Skit)" was written by Kasseem Dean.
"Philly Cheese Steak (Skit)" was written by Kasseem Dean.

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I gotta a girl that I think I'm gon' love forever
And forever we'll be together, together forever
Who that my nigga u Rax?
No motherfuckin' doubt
Who that my man fuquan top of fifth?
What up baby?

Ain't nothin' baby holdin' it down out here
Blazin' some of this glen wood
I'm hungrier than a hostage dawg
I'm wakin' away to the store
Come with me real quick
Hey, hey, hey, hey, yo

What? All my money grippers what's up
Yeah it's me baby
Okay, I love that type, my money [Incomprehensible]
Ackman, what do you mean Ackman
My brother Ackman, my name is Raul
Oh my fault Raul, what's up baby?
Okay that no prob, let's go

Let me get a two Philly cheese steaks
Salt pepper ketchup mayonnaise fried onions with sweet pepper
Some ketchup on that
Hold up man, what type of motherfuckin' shit?
What the, what the fuck you orderin' some shit?
That's a Philly cheese steak man

I don't know that part
You put garlic, mayonnaise, bell pepper
And lettuce on a cheese steak
What what whta the fuck are you talkin'

No you you totally off now you
Listen you don't know shit about Philly dawg
Listen don't keep keep your Philly dawg in here
You don't know shit about 28th and Jefferson
I know that part my cousin stay that part
21st and siegal

My uncle build buildings there
10th and pappal
My stocks in the building there too
Lehigh avenue
I wear Levi's, you know I wear the Levi's
I said lehigh avenue

Listen the sripes, you can't tell me
Where I am from, I'm from Philly
Enough of this man
Philly and the Philly top of the line
[Incomprehensible] (1.15)
No you get the fuck out and go find the AK

Oh there you go with that AK shit again
Alright listen baby, I'm a holla back at ya now what I'm sayin'
Okay motherfucker, money fret grip tight jeans
This guy's not from Philly man

I'm from Philly
No Philly where we from
No Philly is where I am from
Remember, remember that you remember that
Remember that nigga
Fuck you and that cheese steak man

Kasseem Dean

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