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Too $hort
Pimpology Lyrics

All we want is the money
I keep 'em bro wake up one morning
And, with some money to spend, they go crazy

I'm goin' to tell you a story in stereo
About the pimping game, that you should know
But if you don't, it's alright
'Cause I'll be spittin' this game to you all damn night

When I was 3 years old
Straight pimp game I was told
My daddy sent me to pimp school
In this man's world, you can't be no fool

If a pimp is what you wanna be
You're gonna have to learn pimpology
Pimpology a pimp's profession
Can't be effected by the great depression

So if you want to be giant sized
Come to my school get pimp-matized
In your school, what do they teach?
English, math, and history

Pimpin' game, you can learn
And if you do, you will earn
A pimp diploma, just for you
For learning what you're taught when you come to school

Lesson 1, you should know
Never fall in love, with your ho
Lesson 2 tells you to do only one thing
Act cool

Lesson 3
Don't be a trick if she's poor, if she's rich
If your game is soft or hard
It shouldn't take long to break the broad

Lesson 4
Keep ya ho, it's the most important thing to know
'Cause I pimp or die, I'm like the mack
Riding around Oakland in a Cadillac

But on the other hand, if you can't pimp
And the hos keep treating you like a simp
I don't know what to say about you boys
You better go to the store and buy some toys

'Cause you can't play this game
Next time you hear grown folks talking, shut the fuck up y' hear?

Now you heard my story in stereo
'Bout the pimpin' game, that you should know
And if you don't, it's alright
'Cause I'll be spittin' this game to ya all damn night

I'm short dog, ain't nothin' nice
I never rap fake when I'm on the mic
I ride around town in a clean Benz
Never ever frontin' on my real cool friends

My zodiac sign is a Taurus the bull
I drink old English, and I do get full
If you're wondering why I don't stop my rap
'Cause other M C's can't rock like that

My music flows like Domino's
I pimp these hoes that's how it goes
Tenders on my beeper all day and night
I'm a true Blue Player homeboy that's right

That's where I rain, top dog MC
Too short, baby, on the microphone
I work more tails, I don't take freaks home

Man, they start trippin' when they think your rich
Met her yesterday all on my tip
It's not hard to believe but that's how it goes
I'm burnin' rubber on these hoes like vogues

Check out my style, baby don't stop
If you can't call me short, just call me dog
Black is my color, I have no other nothing else will do
I've got a black car, black bed, black TV

I've even got a silk black suit
Dangerous music, and a dangerous crew
Oakland, California, and the Playboy too
West coast rappin' all over the place

Too short, baby, all in your face
I rap so hard you can't stop me
My last album sold a million copies
Me and the Maestro, layin' the beat

DJ scratches from my homeboy pete
Dangerous music is what you hear
A new L P, every year
You know we rollin', can't be fakin'

We come through, and all your girls, we're takin'
You know we're rollin' don't do no simpin'
Oaktown players, strictly pimpin', baby
My name is short just what you've been lookin' for

Sending young tenders on a wild goose chase
Up in the hills, tryin' to find my place
Gettin' lost, gettin' tossed, gettin' found and clowned
Every time you see short baby, you get down

'Cause the raps I make are the raps you like
The way sir too short rocks the mic
It's a one of a kind, rapping style
Have the freaks in the crowd, goin' wild

For when I spit my rhyme, I just don't quit
Grab the microphone, and just make me rich
It was $35, 000, $35,000 cash money?
No, I get 1, $35, 000 plus 1, right? The one I gave you?

No, I gave you 6 alright I had 1
Now $35,000 plus 6 right
Now $35, 000 plus 1, plus 6 makes 7
$35, 000 plus 7, right, mothafucker, can you buy that?


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