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50 Cent
Players Ball Lyrics

I can't let you in pimpy!
Players ball across the street!
This is for hustlers only!
..I'mma tell you what you wanna do when I get out of jail,
I'm gonna get my gun, cause if a nigger snitch on me,
I'm here to say something,
When I touch ... for fun!
I'll be fresh out of box, cause I'll have some more,
In a fresh outfit on the block front,
Tell the nigger pop for me, for I pop some,
I catch a body in the... drop some,
My portfolio shows again is a....
..my cartel.. in the face still want it,
..medicine, when I'm in pain I could pour a nigger...

You see, can't you remind him...
Where is the genus? Hold on!
He's so deep!
Sincerely yours...

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