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Pop It Lyrics

feat. Young Money

from #BitchImTheShit

"Pop It" is track #4 on the album #BitchImTheShit.
"Pop It" is track #4 on the album #BitchImTheShit.

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(Young Money) Bust it on the Beat hoe
Walk up in this bitch wit a Hunnit Grand
2 Rolleys on my arm another hunnit grand
Bitch let the money burn nigga no tan
got a young bitch fucking doing what she can
Pop pulla, King Kong Killa, T Raw da real deal thrilla and manilla
Make a bitch pop pop pills til it's dinner
She a fuckin nympho that's why i fuck with her
Whistle while you twerk pussy singers
All up in the club throwing up middle fingers
if you dry snitch turn a bitch to a hinger
lay yo shit out now you planking you planking i'm sayin

Uh 1 2 And the bitch came
Brake a bitch hard pouring out the champagne
why you over there chillin with the little lames
you ain't know, you ain't that my shit bang
Pop it bitch , pop pop pop pop it bitch
pop pop pop pop it bitch ,
pop pop pop pop it bitch
12 and the bitch came
pop it bitch
pop pop pop pop it bitch
pop pop pop pop it bitch
pop pop pop pop it bitch
All these hoes know my damn name

You don't give that's a damn shame
I don't find the shit funny like soul plane
put ice on my wrist like the shit sprain
i'm just riding round gettin two chain
last king , YMCM gang
erything dope bitch what the Novocaine
bitches say i'm the bomb
ho mane
blow the pussy up tear it to the sex game
role 8 make them bitches bend they back
for they ask she go spazz
make her seem like she act
stupid , take a cab oh you broke oh yo bad
i don't cuff hoes they just follow my command


Lift that ass up (up)
bring that ass down (down)
bring that ass up (up)
shake that ass to the ground


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