A Damn Good Country Song Lyrics

by Jerry Lee Lewis

Well I've took enough pills for big Memphis town
Ol' Jerry Lee's dranked enough whiskey to lift any ship off the ground
I'll be the first to admit, sure do wish these people would quit it
You know its tough enough
To straightin' up when these idiots won't leave you alone
Jerry Lee Lewis's life, would make a damn good country song

I've always done my best, I've tried to walk tall, walk on Killer
But when the evening was over I was drunk stumbling into walls
Well I know I've earned my reputation
Can't they see I've found my salvation?
I guess they'd rather prove me wrong
My life would make a damn good country song

Lets get it now
I've had my share of women but they always seem to leave
Gonna put me another quarter in the ol' pinball machine
Well I know the ol' Killers been wrong
That ol' change came over me took too long
My life would make a damn good country song
Jerry Lee Lewis's life might make a damn good country song, yes