Beat This Heart Lyrics

by Tim Chaisson

Call me crazy but Im still in love with you
Call me lazy but theres little I can do
I count the days just like I blink my eyes
Your quick good bye

I think its funny that I still recall your scent
But cant remember how our yesterday was spent
Its not my memory thats failed you s
Its you not me

If you dont play me, someones gonna save me
But youre always gonna beat this heart of mine
If you just believe me, no reason then to leave me
Lets pretend you think Im right this time
Your always gonna beat this heart of mine

Youre very beautiful of that Im sure you know
How many others fellas long to tell you so
For everyone who needs a fresher start
A broken heart

You send it from fast to slow
Stop and go and you know
The rules of engagement here
Lets be clear, when you are near
The usual rules just get in our way