Beyong The Gates Lyrics

by Possessed

I bow to the altar
For I bow to my faith
Guide me to my destiny
With everlasting grace

Unholy are my thoughts
In you I must confide
I prowl among the nights
With Satan at my side

Bow to the altar
The pagan one
Pray for the birth
Of Belial's son

Beyong the gates

Lucifer, hear me
I pray to the altar
I hear the sounds of insanity
Master, I drink the unholy water
Save me the torment that beckons for me

Walk though illusion of terror to come
And I could tell your of things I have done

I saw the gates
The future I've grasped
I've been beyong gate's of the past

Unearth the graves of all mankind
Beyong dead & buried
Enter the shrine
Condemned to the torture
The horror & pain
Enslaved by your sins
Brought under death's reign

Lucifer, see me
I live for the night
Stalking & prowling in the moonlight
I grave the unholy temple below
Spreading the tales of death that I know