Bloody Valentine Lyrics

by Jill Sobule

You're scary, you terrify me
I should draw the blinds
Do it all the time
I keep my love inside
We'll be a bloody valentine

You're lovely
I've heard such good things
And I've asked around
They tell me that you're kind
But I'm still afraid to find
Just a bloody valentine

Maybe I'm worried
It'll come back around
My hands have been bloodied
'Cause I knocked a few down

Yeah, maybe I'm worried
That this is my time
To get my heart broken
Be a bloody valentine

You're scary, you petrify me
But I sure like you
I hope that you do too
And all of it comes true

If not, then I'm resigned
To be your bloody valentine
If not, then that's just fine
I'll be your bloody valentine
Your bloody valentine

One, two, three, four

Bloody valentine
Bloody valentine

One, two, three, four
Five, and we will end