Blue Winter Lyrics

by Morning Parade

Wasting time,
Just hanging around skimming stones,
Casting an eye, to see the mystery of where,
The ripples flow...

Magpies circle memories,
That I'd swept to the side,
The beauty of the stratosphere,
Cries turn on the lights,
And illuminate my...

Blue winter

So I drop to the ground,
I'm border-lining on letting go,
I'm so sick of the sight,
And as I see my reflection,
My empty complexion I know,
I am a kingdom overthrown,
I am my everything postponed,
Just want somewhere to call my home,

Blue winter

These lives that we've led,
They are a pale reflection,
Of every confession you've made,
Some things will never wash away,

I'm just a heart in a cage,
I want to make a connection,
Find something to settle my pain,
No where to run, to run away