Brown Eyed Blues Lyrics

by Ben Harper

If I knew bein' here with you today
Would mean bein' alone tomorrow
I would gladly trade all of my tomorrows away
For a moment with you

Brown eyed blues
And you can find yourself another fool
Say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"

Can you look, can you look into my eyes
Or has your heart, say, has your heart gone blind?
Oh can you look, can you look Into your own
And find the safe place to hide

Brown eyed blues
You can find yourself another fool
And say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"

Why, why be with a stranger
When you could be with your friend?
If you're ever lonely, you know I'm lonely too
And I'll stay lonely until' I'm again with you
With you

I said, "Brown eyed blues"
Gotto find yourself another fool
I said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"
I said, "Brown eyed blues"
Oh no singin' "Brown eyed blues"