Buff Ryders (skit) Lyrics

by Ruff Ryders

Eve: I use to be shy and now I'm a ruff ryder
Man: the ruff ryders, the ruff ryders, ruff ryders, I'm a ruff ryder baby, wussup
Eve: nigga you can't be serious
Man: whatchu talkin about?
Eve: you not even a ruff type nigga
Man: I'm a ruff type nigga baby, you don't know ruff, I'm ruff. you talkin about ruff ryders here...
Eve: nigga, you a fuckin clown....
Man: what are you talkin bout, I'm a clown? I'm a ruff ryder baby, don't even play yourself. r-o-u-g-h-f, ruff ryder
Eve: see, you can't even spell the words ruff ryders
Man: I know what I'm talkin about
Eve: you're not a ruff ryder
Man: I'm a ruff ryder, I'm a ruff ryder
Eve: you're not a ruff ryder
Man: I am a ruff ryder
Eve: you know what you are?
Man: what?
Eve: you'z a buff ryder...