Code Red Lyrics

by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Come on, come on, hey

Here's a little story 'bout a Friday night
Buckwild 'cause yo, that's kind of my style
Check it on the town with a girl named Kay-Bee
And a bow wow wow yippie yo yippie, any way

I was straight out illin', why do I say so?
'Cause yo, my girl was home chillin'
Fancy restaurant, me and Kay frontin'
It was called Lay, um, Jay, um, somethin'

I was ready to attack her
Giving the sexy look like Dracula
A little bit of soft music playin'
And Don Perrier, it was on, know what I'm sayin'?

Every thing was lovely but then
What the damn, my girlfriend walked in
Oh my goodness, danger, trouble, dread
Oh, I'm dead, mayday code red


My, oh my, what am I to do?
Gotta get away 'cause my girlfriend's coming through
Um Jay, I gotta, um, well, see
There's well, this, um, excuse me

To the back with the mucho-quickness
My girl's gonna kill me and leave no witnesses
I'm in the bathroom hiding like a punk
But there's bars on the windows, I can't jump

Exit stage left, quickly plan B
Gotta find a way that my girl won't see me
Crawling on the floor, I'm feeling sick
Like this some old Charlie Chaplin flick

Heart poundin' around a mile-a-minute
This time, I really done did it
Down on my hands and knees on the floor
I'm looking at the front door

Ready, set, make the dash
Her back is turned, maybe I can get past
I almost made it but then, damn, she turned her head
Code red


Break it on down

All was perfect, the ship was sailin'
But now it's sinking, so yo, I'm bailin'
I kept on runnin' even though she saw me
And I sat and waited at home for baby to call me

I watched a little TV
Phone started ringing 'bout 12:23
I picked it up real slow, and said
"Mmm, hello?"

She wasn't having it, she snapped, went bezerk
Girl made my head hurt
I tried to be as cool as I could be
I said, "Hey, wasn't me"

She wasn't having that melody
Needless to say, she left me
Another brother just couldn't control his head
The other one, code red