Come With Me Baby Lyrics

by Hilary Duff

(music intoduction)
It aint all over, it aint the end,
Just think it over and lets pretend,
I thought you liked it,
I thought you cared,
Now you wasted my time now its then end,
Come with my baby, come with me tonight
There is a place i know its a beautiful sight,
So follow me through this,
holding me tight,
Lets go baby,
Come with me tonight,

It aint over, without a fight,
Lets think it over
if it aint tonight
Me and you together life is so sweet
Now i love you forever, if it aint im beat
So think of me for once
(chorus) x2

If you aint here then im nowhere,
Our life is so blind,
i thought of you forever and thats all there is,
my fun and partys our dates and swims, i miss it all

(chorus) x3

So come with me baby x4