Crystal, Ronette, And Chiffon Lyrics

by Little Shop Of Horrors

Where did the girls go?
Where are they now?
I'm gonna find them
Someday, somehow

I wanna know
I wanna know
Was it really that long ago?
Has it really disappeared, is it gone?
How come I feel it rolling on and on?

I wanna know
Won't somebody say
How could it be a part of yesterday?
How could the magic disappear and be gone?
Like Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon

I hear the music and it sounds so great
Could it be that I was born too late?
Cause I can feel it, feel it all around
It's like I'm living in a wall of sound

I wanna know
I wanna know
Am I just living in the afterglow?
I hear their songs and see them standing there
I guess it's crazy, hey but I don't care

I wanna know
I wanna know
Must be a reason why I love them so
It's like a rainbow that I'm riding on
With Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon

Where did the girls go?
Where did they run?
I wanna tell them
They're still, they're still number one

I wanna know
How can I travel back to long ago?
Back to the place I know it all goes wrong
To Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon, sweet Chiffon