Faith Lyrics

by Nipsey Hussle

I'm rising in this game and it feels great
Still tryna keep it real, niggas still fake
Been off the label all year, niggas still hate
Drop the marathon in December, niggas still late

I'm so impatient, but I still wait
I still show love when I feel hate
On a scale of one to ten, I need a high heel eight
Or better, blowin' this cheddar like I'm Bill Gates

I'm in this wind til the movie ends
Smokin' California, eatin Peruvian
Out on Miami beach my niggas a few of 'em
Dressed like Beverley Hills, the bitches we usually with

But wishin on a star nigga took it far
And if I lost it all tomorrow I wouldn't trip at all
They say I'm crazy when I say it
But the fear of fallin off is the only thing that can take your faith