Fly Lyrics

by Courtney Love

Look at me, I'm alive
I wanna jump but I don't know why
Don't wanna live, don't wanna die
Just wanna see if I can fly

I'm desperate, I'm glorious
I'm going down with up interest
Hold onto me, hold on tight
And let's just see who gets out alive

Stupid 'cause no one cares
There's not a net
There's no one there

Can you fly?
You'll never reach me, I'm too high
It's my own myth, I'll decide
To finish what I started and I
I know the meaning of life

Look at me, I'm gonna jump
There's not a net, I'm so far up
I'm glorious and I defy
Gravity to even try

It's through the fight, it's time and I
I wanna go for the speed of light

Come in here from the light
I have to leave you behind
I know the meaning of life

It's dark but love is so light
It's dark but love is so light

I'm just a flash, light of the sky
Now look at me, I'm still a fight
I hit the ground and then sit
Around six of the glorious