Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-02-28 Lyrics

by Wrestling

Brock... I sit here glued to the screen punching these keys
Watching everything you do on live Internet feeds
I downloaded high speed all the files that I need
To make your hard drive crash and to make your face bleed
You can't erase me, I'm going to make you taste me
I'm like a virus, I'll kill you the next time you face me
You're jealous, You stole my shot at the brass ring
Everybody knows I'm the Next Big Thing
You're all bark and no bite. You stole my spotlight
I'm the great white hope, you're the great white hype
If you an animal, I'm going on safari
I'm rockin Playstation 2. You can't figure out Atari
Look in these eyes Brock, don't think that I won't shoot ya
I'll leave you worse off. Like a nerd with no computer
Show the world that you can't even walk in my shoe
You finish is the F5? Well, mine's the F-U!